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My name is Jan Mokros and I am a sport & exercise nutrition specialist.


I will help you achieve your desired fitness results and keep them for life. To achieve this you need to find a long term sustainable daily diet that is healthy, nutritious, convenient and full of foods and meals you look forward to eating. Remember, there is no magic pill. Meal replacement shakes and ridiculous fitness products that claim amazing results with little or no effort are all LIES!

Together we are going to take a close look at your old eating habits and create new healthy ones.

Why to choose me over other average nutrition specialist? 

I’m not AVERAGE. I do not give average advice on which diet is the best, how much calories you need, how long you should sleep and "see you later"...
I do things in a totally different way. I want you to understand whole process. 
I will make you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss and I will make sure your hormones are balanced. Have a successful lifestyle and be in good shape!

Book your free consultation below and find out if that I am the right choice for you. 



  • 1 to 1 sessions

  • Sport & nutrition advice

  • Pad work/box

  • Power dynamic HIIT

  • Weight loss program


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