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10 Foods that you think are healthy choice but they’re actually NOT

1) Granola - Many of the granolas at your local supermarket are made using butter, vegetable oil, and they are loaded

with lost of white sugar.

 Alternative: unsweetened oats, nuts, seeds, unsweetened dried fruit

2) Soymilk - Your favorite flavored soy milk may be even worse for you. In addition to being an endocrine disruptor, potentially wreaking havoc on individuals with hormonal issues, soy milk is often heavily sweetened.

 Alternative: unsweetened coconut, almond milk

3) Maple syrup - that sweet syrup is every bit as sugar-laden as table sugar—and much easier to go overboard with.

 Alternative: fruit like banana, strawberries, dates etc.

4) Wraps - You might be surprised to hear that wraps aren't actually saving you many calories when compared to sliced bread. One Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Wrap has 160 calories, just as many as you get in two slices of whole grain bread. Plus, it contains only one gram of fiber!

 Alternative: whole seeds bread, protein bread,

5) Baked beans - While beans on their own can be a healthy choice, baked beans are anything but. A HALF cup Baked Beans in tomato sauce has 190 calories but packs 550 milligrams of sodium and 12 grams of sugar. Sodium daily intake: 1500-2300 mg Salt daily limit : for adult max. 6g for children max 2g Added Sugar daily limit: 25-35g

 Alternative: Simple canned beans no added sugar or sodium, chickpeas, lentils

6) Veggie straws - Veggie sticks have a whole lot of good marketing to thank for their reputation as a health food. In fact, most veggie sticks are little more than potatoes, oil, and salt with some vegetable coloring in them. A 6.7-ounce bag of Sea Salt Veggie Stix has 300 milligrams of sodium and not a single gram of fiber.

 Alternative: raw carrot, cucumber, peppers with some houmous

7) Rice cakes - Rice cakes may be generally low in calories, but their toppings can turn them into junk in an instant. In addition to high sodium counts in savory flavors like cheddar and ranch, a single Quaker Caramel Corn rice cake has 3 grams of sugar, thanks to a combo of sugar, fructose, and maltodextrin.

 Alternative: vegetable also low in calories and has so many vitamins and minerals

8) Protein bars - Protein can be a great way to fuel your muscles, but most protein bars are hardly health food. Between belly-bloating soy, sodium, artificial colors, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, most protein bars are potential saboteurs to your well-being.

 Alternative: home-made muesli bars

 Recepie: 6 muesli bars – 120g dates, 120g unsweetened dried fruit (dried mango,

cranberries ect.) 120g cashew or it is up to you to combine 60g cashew 30g pecans

nut and 30g peanut butter, blend it all ingredients together and shape it to muesli

bars. Enjoy!

9) Diet drinks - The artificial sweeteners in diet soda fool your body into thinking you’re eating real food. This causes a spike in insulin, which can turn into stored fat – not so ‘diet’ after all.

 Alternative: water with lemon and mint, fresh orange juice,fruit smoothies, fruit teas

10) Farmed salmon – Additionally, farmed salmon has been found to contain toxic chemicals methylmercury and dioxins. It is usually feed with supplement with chemical to give the fish their pink color and they are really fatty as well.

 Alternative: avocado, nut, extra virgin olive oil, coconuts,

 Quacamole recepie: large avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion, coriander, lime, salt, pepper


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