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Never Quit!!

My boxing journey

This blog is about my journey how I started with boxing.

I was always into sports and I played football for 16 years but then I had injury and I had to stop. Everything happens for some reason trust me. I stopped and I started go to gym more often and I really felt good I liked it but something inside me wants more than this – lifting weights. Then I had opportunity to go to Liverpool where my sister lives to earn some money. I didn’t plan it to move here but I stayed I felt much happier over here. My girlfriend was by my side all the time and supported me. She has to stayed In Czechia to finish school. Year past over so quickly and we lived together. I would like to say that everything is possible. It is not always easy but if you put all effort and you believe, you will do/get it no matter what.

We still went to gym and do heavy weights. After 2 years in Liverpool I got an opportunity to fulfill my dream – have a boxing fight. Interesting, how Universe works in favour of your mind. It was 16th October when I got the offer and fight was in 2 months. I have never trained boxing before, but I took it. I said to myself go for it, there is your chance open another chapter of your life.

That time I worked in food factory 7am – 5pm. Even that I had to put a lot of time to training. After work I went to the MMA gym. It took 40 mins to get there. The boxing camp wasn’t always easy for me I was drained but go for my dream pushed me always forward. I had a goal. In our lives we all have some goal we are going for. Someone has a goal to be the best bodybuilder, footballer or someone wants to have family or just be happy.

The Day has come 16th December and I felt excited and nervous and I had that feeling you have when something new happening in your life. It was in Fusion club in city centre of Liverpool. Organizer of the event told me that everyone has to wear a headguard, 16oz gloves and opponent should have similar boxing experience and weight to you like if you have 0 fight he should has 0 fight too. Suddenly everything changed – no headguard, smaller gloves, different opponent. You know I could quit and say “hey that is unfair” but I said no that is not going to stop me, I trained too hard for this, I am going to do it no matter what.

In our lives plans, things change all the time and we have to deal with it, accept it and fight with it. My opponent was much heavier than me and he had 8 fights and after this he won title fight. I didn’t quit. I fought and I lost. I was honestly disappointed but proud of myself too. I did it. In our lives there isn’t always win there is a loss too. But we have to realize failure is part of it and you have 2 choices – quit and cry like a baby that was unfair OR get up and say to yourself “Ok that was a lesson, I learned from it and I am going to do it again and I will do better!” Trust me 2nd choice is that what we want. Is something that make us stronger person so don’t be scared of failure or loss. When we were little we felt down on the floor million times and at the end we learned how to walk. Do you see my point? In next few blogs you will know how I turned everything out in my profit and that I never quit!!!


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