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Donquit Detox programme

A juice detox helps to detoxify and replenish the body with the

help of raw, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

Instead of eating you are provided with 4-5 drinks throughout

the day, giving your digestive system a rest in order to help your

body assimilate the correct nutrients whilst removing toxins.

Juice cleansing is by far the quickest, safest and most effective

way to detox, helping the body absorb nutrients whilst

disposing toxic residues and kickstarting the autolysis process.


All our juice cleanses are raw, unprocessed and unpasteurised meaning all the good stuff gets to you in its purest form.

Raw juicing extracts the richest nutrients and vitamins from plants and fruits,

enabling us to assimilate these quickly to reach our vital organs, re-setting our

digestive system, re-oxygenating the blood and flushing out deep seated toxins. Best of all, our juices are delicious.

"Organic" juice cleanse is not just a buzz-word to us. Most of our ingredients are

organic and approved by the Soil Association. This is important to us, as we wouldn't want you to be taking in toxins whilst you are trying to rid the body of them, would we? Organic food has also shown to contain more micro and macro nutrients,providing your body with a higher quantity and quality of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

We're not a production line - and we pride ourselves on that. Each juice cleanse is

made fresh to order using the highest quality organic ingredients and sent to your door within 24 hours of being juiced If you need support, you can contact us anytime, really. Call or email and we'll help you out.



- Looking and feeling younger

- A stronger immune system & better digestion

- Helps with absorption of food

- Healthy weight loss

- Increased feeling of joy and happiness & a sense of well-being

- Lower blood pressure

- Lower cholesterol levels

- Increased energy performance

- Ability to be more creative

- Improvement in mood swings and response to stress

- Relief from aches, pains and symptoms of arthritis

- Improved skin

- Hair and nail condition

- Improved fertility and hormonal balance

Donquit Detox programme

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