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Menopause programme

Introducing Our Menopause Program: Manage Your Symptoms Naturally!

Are you struggling with the symptoms of menopause? Hot flashes, mood changes, weight gain, and loss of libido are just a few of the challenges that women face during this transition. But, did you know that you can manage these symptoms naturally?

Our Menopause Program is designed to help women like you navigate this transition with ease. We understand that menopause is not just about running out of eggs, but it's a shift in hormones, specifically estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Our program focuses on supporting the adrenals and increasing progesterone levels, which are essential in reducing the severity of the symptoms associated with menopause.


Menopause programme


What you will get ?

- supplement Menomax support

- vitamin C&B complex shot

- 5 biotin shot

- 5 day detox programme

- 5 week of ginger shots

- individual meal plan

- 5 weeks progress checks and support

- keto test strips

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